Monday, February 12, 2018

Divining Game: Part Two

Peep Part One Here! Context FTW!

Giving up after 1 failed attempt is for quitters. Or something like that.

Maybe it's more along the lines that you hyped a game to a dear friend who bothered that very game's creator to express ship a copy so you could all play at a party and then kinda . . . not shit-all-over-it . . more, lightly farted at it?
(Also, I think I should have typed "Kyle, The Man With the Weave Tattoo" as it sounds more grand with caps.
Here is The Legend himself

And now I need to read EVERYTHING about Weave Society, hadn't heard of it yet. THANKS!)

I still loved this system and what I thought it could accomplish, and I dig Kyle, The Man With the Weave Tattoo's style & composure, so looked within myself, to make SURE the next session was a success.


I mean, LOOK AT THIS!!

How can you NOT!!??

Naught but a week or two later, I was going to have that chance.
After the failure to launch previously, I doubled down on watching live-plays & reading over the rules in the App, until I could answer at least every question I had -
- After the first 3 cards, then what? Scan in more. Keep scanning, get wild, bruh!
- Strikes? Excess failure on a check strikes out. 3 strikes and your incapacitated for the scene.
And more.

The biggest thing I personally internalized/learned watching the playthrough's was the system's power to take prep out of the Storyteller/GM's hands and allow them to discover the game in tandem with the players, keeping a few steps ahead, with a larger concept of where the game is going, but still providing the joy of discovery of story, instead of sitting on a throne of plot & NPC's watching the players delve it for treasures they or may not ever unearth.
(That's a hell of a sentence, amirite?)

Game night arrived, and I put on my Big-GM Pants (it's a wizard hat)
(not really, but you'd believe it. I know I would).
We discussed which setting we wanted to dive into, and went for Solar Age.
I grabbed that deck and slammed cards into the app, ready to CREATE!
I was presented with a Theme that seemed meaty, rife with drama. Fantastic.
The Setting, "The Assasin" was (quoting from memory) a " seedy bar, where low lives and hired killers meet in dark corners." Excellent, I got something for that.
For our enemy, the Boss for the game!? - A concept . . . . What!? You know what, fine. I got dis!
I simply asked the players to describe their characters, which helped me meld some info into the Boss! AND gave me a reason to put them together, in the Setting. Ah ha!
Two are ex-military who have a ship, and the third has hired them to take her to Dead Earth on an academic expedition. I say to the group:
" At the center of the system, one Jump Gate away from the human home-world, you find yourselves in a wretched hive of scum and villainy."
And we're off!
I sprinkle the theme in, to set some flavor to the setting, and hit a small speed bump.
But that's fine. Trust in the heart of the cards! I scan in another, giving me a tool to propel the plot a bit more.
I then scan in another as we change location, great.
I scan another to build the game further and get a rad plot twist . . . that makes no sense at this moment. ITS FINE!, It's fine, bank it for later, and scan in ANOTHER! More action, combat! Mixing chance with plot, further discovering the narrative AS IT HAPPENS!
The ship is attacked on their way through the debris around Dead Earth and some quick skills (after some slow ones) result in a crash landing where all survive. End of session.

Much more of a success than the first session. We even had another crack at Gloomies recently, which also went swimmingly.
With a second & third play, along with some time to decompress & consider, I've come to the conclusion that what I perceive to be Weave's weakness may indeed be a strength.
I thought for a bit that, it's lack of hand holding would be awkward for a first time player, especially a GM, and might result in a flat, lackluster experience for individuals who may not be ready to jump into RP or gaming. But then again, that might be fine for newbs to get in and start messing with everything, excitedly fumbling & discovering. I recall that being the best part of a new system/game.
Also, if I come at Weave honestly, as an experienced GM & RPer, with my very enthusiastic groups, it is a KILLER tool for quick setup & RP, I anticipate having TONS of games in my app as more combinations of players & GM's mix and fire up games.
THAT keeps me titillated as a Gamer, the idea of having a game we can crack open at a moments notice and be HEAVILY engaged in a fairly diverse, immersive RPG experience. I need to order my own copy so I can stop borrowing LOL's box. Oh, and dice. Extra dice. Cause, you know, DICE!

I'm also hooked to the idea of creating my own settings.
The Weave Discord has a VERY active community(cause Discord) and Author tools are being discussed & improved upon daily, as well as having a VERY welcoming community, ready to help.
Quoting " Tristan | SRSBZNSDAD ", which is pinned to the Playsets channel -
"There are about 25 variables per card, something like 550 per set. "
Wish me luck, and endurance.

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