Tuesday, July 5, 2011

How do you Blog?

On The Topic of Bloggery, one might wonder, where I get my input and research as far as technique, tips, and layout.

The truth?

I learn all my tricks from webcomics.

Yup, I blame the fact that I have been reading them for nearly a decade longer than blogs, as well as T1nk & I have been working on the project of a joint webcomic for several years now. So, all the panels I attend, all the research I do, all the input I process, is from the internet sequential artists.

I have been trying to see what other "successful;" blogs do and identify what I enjoy in blogs, but I think there are some parallels when it comes to sites that continually "produce content."

If the idea is that your traffic comes for something new from your brain each update then you can rely on certain techniques to continue satisfaction, and possibly bring in more traffic.

I also think it has something to do with the geek subculture. we all speak with a certain "web accent" that includes a semi-formal language of "nerd." I love it.

Regaining focus, yeah, Update regularly. It kind of matters HOW regularly, but as long as your readers KNOW you're at least consistent, you can maintain a readership and have a chance to increase traffic.

Filler works as long as you stay consistent . . . for a while.

Let your readers know you're not dead, they appreciate that, unless that's all you do, then you will lose traffic.

Its fascinating to me, I've mentioned in the past how many other blogs inspire me for countless, varied reasons. I guess I should give a nod to Penny Arcade,(originally, I was NOT going to put that link there as EVERYONE who comes here BETTER know who that is, but then, I thought in horror, what if they . . DONT!?!?! GO! NOW!! KNOW!!) because they are "the bar" in my eyes. They are my super stars, my "Super Bowl Quarterback" that I look to and think "Fuck yeah, I want that." The funny thing to me though, is that, I want that lifestyle, not to be THEM, but to even be PART of that operation. I've talked about going home, and every time I watch their PATV episodes, it's ALWAYS, AALLLWWAAYYS an inspiration to me to keep going, to NEVER stop being geeky and pushing forward as an artist. It's amazing to me how these real, tangible (Sort of) Normal people, have created something so incredible and be aware of it, and continue to . . . create and never take it for granted.

So what have I learned after two years of placing my musings up into the aether? Thank the PA's & Topless Robots, & Jenny Breeden's of the world for NEVER stopping and always producing. But also thank, in equal measure, The Megatokyo's, the Chugworth Academy's, & the Vanishing's, for trying, and trying, and not always succeeding, but still being brilliant and amazing, Thank you. I will continue to check in with you, always waiting with bated breath, for that next flurry of output, or that final fair well, when you leave to focus on something more important, I will continue to check your site, even years from now, when your last post STILL reads "may '08," I will give your site a hit, in hope.

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