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Make no mistakes, I like the ladies. The ladies who like ladies, the ladies who like guys, the ladies who like everybody, but especially, the ladies who like the things I like (Don't worry, I like guys who like guys, we hang out, but this isn't their post).

My entire upbringing was engineered by strong independent women and as a result I feel I have a fair, if not progressive, view and respect for the fairer sex. I would also venture to say protective and even fascinated. Therefore, whenever a particularly interesting item floats by, I give it an extra peek if it involves females.

I think part of my unconscious flirting (hehe, an unconscious person flirting) and protectiveness is me trying to be "the man" of the house/ situation, and be protective and try to take care of whatever ladies I'm around. OR, I am a shameless flirt and in another reality, was a major Player.
ANYWAY, Tink, also a quiet feminine feminist, is always looking towards women empowerment and ways to show off how awesome women are, has been building some serious steam in gender-centric circles.
Seeing as these things are orbiting my life (and sometimes crashing into them in rough terraforming instances) I figured it would be an excellent idea to compile some online resources I find myself drawn to time, and time again.

d20 girls
Tired of Booth Babes being vapid vacuums of vain villainy? You either? But you would like it if they actually had something in common with you, right? That would be even hotter? Well look no more. A few of the nerdy gals in my life have signed on as professional models. This company promotes and contracts out professional booth babes with knowledge in the industry. Through meticulous interview processes, geeky ladies of every size, shape & stripe are screened before entry and provide for a fantastic pallet of girl power.
fat, ugly or slutty
On a less cheery note, the male condition is one fraught with disgusting, uncultured, swine. I was going to use the colloquial "douche bag" but honestly, thats being unfair to the term. This site chronicles various unsavory occurrences from around the nerd world where the revelation that the gamer on the other end of the controller is a female results in misogynistic idiocy. There is little censorship on this site, and good thing too, as anyone who believes any of this behavior is allowable in any situation, they deserve to let their habits to be known to the world.
Comic Con Pervs
A very similar site to the last, I think this is a great idea for the same reasons as outlined above.
I will admit, I am a pervy nerd, and I like to see naughty things fairly often, BUT, not like that. Not that process, that is disgusting and wrong. There are sites for that sort of thing where everyone involved is consenting and, usually, it's all much better quality and less chance you will be prosecuted for pedophilia.
hot gamer girls
I have not done too much research into this site, but I like the concept so far. It appears to dominantly be originally a a forum comprised of dominantly lady gamers as the focus.
As mentioned earlier in the post, "there are sites for that." And this is one of them. I heard about them at their booth at Fanime and also heard through the grapevine they did a shoot somewhere very close to the convention. Frankly, I am a little jealous I had not thought of this first.

You all know how much I love my Nerdcore, well so do these gals. One of the groups mentioned in this post to have a presence at Gamer Con, there was an "industry only" concert on a rooftop in San Diego where Doc Awk & Zealous rocked out. Music aside, once more, these are nerdy ladies that are also in the modeling contact sort of biz.
This site I have mentioned before and unfortunately has stopped posting since before the first of this year. I am saddened by this, but many of their posts are excellent as they examine many issues in the female gaming community with a focus on World of Warcraft. Worth a dig through if you have some spare time.
Geek Girl Network
Not one cohesive site, but an ever growing conglomerate of gals. This jiggly juggernaut has spawned a con, numerous panels, and even a WoW guild, which was named by my lady, T1nk (true story).

Other sites I have come across that are of the female persuasion that might be worth a look, that I have not researched too thoroughly include . . .
Another modeling site, very clean, looks very professional.
Real professional Gamers who are female. These fragging femmes make money for beating guys (and some other girls) at video games. Isn't that awesome?

And, I'm gonna give an honorable mention, I'd even call it, a vigorous nod to . . .
D&D With Porn Stars
Though led by a "dude's dude of dorks" his crew is largly comprised of X chromosomes and I think that is fantastic. I have not had him describe a single game so far where a gal wasn't involved. And in case you have no idea what this is, its a gaming blog. If you go check it out, you should be able to deduce the rest, like why it's so named and how cool those folks are.

I very rarely bemoan my status as a male of our species, even though I am of the painful opinion that women can do everything better than guys if they try hard enough. But, many of these sites and groups kinda give me that nudge, to wish, for a little while, I could rock a rack. Actually, no, bad idea, I would never leave my room.

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