Wednesday, November 3, 2010

3rd 4 t3h Nrrd: Nov. '10

Serendipitously, I once again feature a XX chromosome for our November focus!

MC Diabeats!!

This slick chick with the sick music creds has only been in the game so far for less than three years. She has managed to put out a few pieces under the guidance of many Scrub Club Vet's in that short time and I imagine it wont be long till she puts out her own solo album.

Loud and proud about many aspects of herself, she is a; healthy, white, young, college student, insulin pump-diabetic, musician, Spanish/English major, nerd.

All of these aspects have influenced her Nerdcore quality in positive ways. It appears her musical background has led to an excellent ear and of course she is "one of us" if her material is any indication, which, she just did a collab album about a gaming system that has been out of date for a few years now.

I saw her on the Scrub Club roster earlier this year and heard one of her songs on a compilation somewhere, or maybe just listened to her Myspace songs, don't remember right now, but kept my ear open. Lo and behold, I looked her up again recently and she has been moving along at a good pace in the Nerdcore community.

If her freshman material is any measure of quality, her progress should be phenominal. I await the next injection of sweet rhymes from Lady Diabeats, but until then, hopefully these live performances can hold us over.

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