Thursday, November 18, 2010

Yadda Yaffa, H47 Fails

Last second post, late, I know.
I had a paper that could not be F-ed off, and now I'm sick/ALERGY FUCKED! so, my brain did not make the connection that Tuesday had come and gone and that, you, my loyal readers, had been left without ramblings and whinings of an eccentric one man flash mob, so, here I am to fix that, somewhat.

I have quite a few ideas, many table-top RPG related, I finished watching Ladies V. Butlers a while back, as well as some other odd ramblings. so, there's content in the pipe and my two biggest papers are done for the semester, so regularly scheduled tom-foolery (or tina-foolery, for my ladie friends) shall resume as planned.

thanks H47ites!

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