Wednesday, August 3, 2011

3rd 4 t3h Nrrd: Aug. '11

A question that has been asked for decades . . .

And there is an answer . . .

Laying down phat rhymes!
What one might consider a "Second Gen" Nerdcore Artist, numerous Nerdcore Methuselah have praised him as an artist to watch.
I'm gonna be honest on this one, initially, I was very aware of Mr. Moore as a hip-hop artist, and was not impressed. Something about his works always had little syncopation or tuning issues that would just put me off the groove. However, so many names that I trusted spoke so well of him, I kept him in my proverbial periphery and would check his latest works every other year.

However, shortly after watching Nerdcore For Life, I was impressed by the short clips with Beefy and Optimus Rhyme,

so I decided to move up my yearly check in and was rewarded for my patience.
This cat has continued to put in work and evolve and push his envelope to produce MORE excellent music. Though it has taken some time, if Beefy continues to progress at this rate I would not be surprised if I heard his beats all over.

He uses a variety of beats and can cover a range of rhymes to lay down his tracks. The content is far reaching and always speaks to me as he is fairly open about his trials and obstacles, but of course, that is what art does.
If you have not heard of Beefy until now, then you must be new to my site or just don't come for the nerdcore, as this guy has friends throughout the Nerdcore world and seems to always be willing to throw a verse for his fellow artists.

Who's that next to him over there? Why that's Adam Warrock, why yes, We have covered him as well. Look at them enjoying frosty beverages together.

What else can I say? Go check him out, grab some of his free stuff, then go buy some of his "I want to make money" stuff anywhere you can purchase music online, yup, hes one of the few on itunes. DO IT! While you do, here is some mood music.

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