Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Seven Years Waiting for Style

I be waitin for Transmogrification! Fuck Deathwing, I mean, it all looks cool, I wouldnt mind that legendary staff even though I'm a Snick&Stick mage. But I want to get some snazy drapes.
"SnickNStick" meaning a main hand & an off hand.
Blues Be calling it "Mogging." I'mma Mog my gear to look like tier 5. hell yeah.

I could only find a "Mogger" in Ogr across from the cooking dailies guys. (currently under construction, the building will be finished after the patch to house the etherals. its the construction hut where you kill one of the food theives. The one thats NOT near the Tauren area, if that helps. I've parked a few of my toons there.) And of course, one in Stormwind, not sure where . . . lemme check . . . canal side of cathedral square. between Mage section & trade section heading towards docks. Most likely visible due to the cool void warp banners etheral's usually have (remember man tombs & the encampment in Nagrand? yeah, those.) )
Found these creepy critters north of Thunder Bluff between Stonetalon. True story. A herd of them live up there.

Hook it up to my homie Necrus who WAS a Forsaken War, we we're trying to outfit with Lightforge so he could run around in front of stormwind popping his defiler trinket bubble. Check it!

But I'm siked about FINALLY cureing the "skittles puke" issue, PLUS, being able to pick my own style, not look like every other dude.
True story though: Figureprints. Ribeyejack, my FIRST toon who I still have, I had to go buy cheap greens & farm LOW gear that had cool looks because I DID NOT have any that looked cool.

 I'm sure other sites will be doing guides and what-not, but I like Wowhead for all my "cheat" needs and am always surprised by how lite the troll community is on there, I can actually read conversations 9 times out of 10
Get your sets by "sets"
Part 1: How to get em
Part 2: Nifty items & more sets
Part 3: "look alike" tiers
Part 4: Green quality "sets"

As I dig through all the options and choices and try to reason with myself as to whether or not I'm going to compile any of these outfits, I realize how much MORE this is going to suck my life away. GJ Blizz, I wish it was sooner, but now its one less thing haters can complain about.

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  1. Oh man, I can't wait to mog gear. Since my main's a hunter, I'm going for that GLORIOUSLY FLAMBOYANT Tier 2 Dragonstalker gear, the only issue is I need people to get me INTO BWL because of the retarded Razorgore mechanics.

    I really hope 4.3 is ridiculously excellent, or I may end up stop playing altogether. SWTOR looks awesome, and I get BETA this weekend :D

    Also, DAT MOUSE.