Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Sick Day

So, I'm sorry. But it's one of those weeks where I got nothing. Well, maybe not entirely, I have PARTS of things, but no one has ever expressed an interest in those things from me.

SO. here's another post letting you know I might not post this week, but I will try. If not, I'll attempt to compensate with a double post next week, you know, usual+memeOrable, or perhaps even something else shiney. Who knows.

If you really must know, some of it has to do with the fact a member of my family has fallen particularly ill and my clan requests my presence. Although nothing new nor usually enough to put me off my posts (as many of you know my dedication to my adoring public is paramount in my life [some of this is true, some snark, believe whichever you like]) in this particular case I can focus on very little, save for the particular events going on where the bulk of my bloodline are gathered. If you REALLY want details, feel free to ask. Otherwise, I shant bore you.

Well, maybe not all bad can come of this. check this out for a diversion: For maximum effect Watch it huge in HD on youtube since my anchor bar over to the right likes to smash some of my vids. . . .

And if you like that, GO NOW and watch it on Hulu, or wherevs. and keep your eyes peeled here, FB or Twitter for more, as I'm working with several cosplay entities to create various cosplay costumes and groups from the series. I'd make a great Blue Rose, dontchya think?

Thanks again h47ites for hanging in there. More later.

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