Monday, December 5, 2011

Phenomena Dump

So, last week I PROMISED I would post again before Tuesday. Her it is and because I have had some issues with work and classes and families I wasn't able to finish any longer posts with more meat.
Also because I was trying to finish two chapters AND make a level 13 one shot for two gunslingers and a were-polar bear Ranger with a boar animal companion plus one "other thing" which dropped out last minute.
If you have no idea what I'm talking about   START HERE   and come back when your thuroughly addicted.

And now, for the DUMP:

fun stuff, downblaoded the mix. dissapointed that "accordian Vader" was not also on the track. maybe next time.
Have I mentioned I really want a concertina?

P.S. In my constant need for things I can not currently afford I have fallen in love with TAD gear in San Francisco. And does anyone have any good explanation on why the section of San Francisco is called DOGPATCH

As for other goofy semi-hardcore/boy scout, mil-spec stuff, . .  I complained recently that for lanyard beads on knives its a real "yo dawg" with skulls out there, but then THIS SKULL IS NAMED YORICK so the inner theatre/lit nerd in me goes, That's okay, cause it makes you better.

I really liked this video, and mad kudos to alternative actors (wheel chair? little person? FUCK YEAH!). But, I'm gonna be honest, I don't know how long they rehearsed or blocked, or what sort of training there was or how much they cared, but the fights and the sabre hilts felt a little weak. They were sufficient, I got the jist and it could have been MUCH worse, but, I expected a bit more.

Otherwise, hope that holds you over till tomorrow when I attempt to post something ELSE before midnight. tune in won't you? all half-a-dozens of you?

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