Wednesday, December 28, 2011

U Ded H47?

No, I assure you all, I'm not dead. Last week was holiday's so my job had me in a tizzy, then family for the holidays, and NOW I am typing this from Culver City. I am so sore right now. And I have 6 more days of it to look forward too. I will try to post some of the work we're doing. I think one of the teachers, the one teaching us rapier & dagger, is also a film guy, so he's been recording us and will probably post our stuff online.

What a hoot. Sorry I've been behind, just busy. I think though I MIGHT have some time this week to write between 10 hour days of constant fight training as I don't have access to WoW. Imma go into withdrawals.

Thanks for sticking around. Later guys. Hope I  break a leg . . . cause it's theatre, or not, cause we're doing combat. Damn, I dunno.

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