Saturday, January 7, 2012

Where U at, h47?

And what's with all the "urban" style post titles? Well, they're quick and I feel they accurately portray the hectic lifestyle I have come across the last three weeks. Worry not H47ites, I am working on a fore-log of my usual droll and drivel to keep this site chok full of the usual vitriol and fan-fawning we've come accustomed to.
Now, why have my post suddenly gone more erratic than usual and not even weekly as has been in the past? well, I will tell you.

After working retail during holidays, which is a pain, anyone who's done it can tell you, I spent a week in So-Cal getting schooled in the myriad of ways of simulated violence for stage & screen, as my previous post informed.
Then, when I got home, I was greeted by a disgruntled cat who had apparently grown rather fond of me and acted out in protest to my absence by peeing everywhere. In between returning to work and a trip to the vet, several cleaning bouts were needed immediately.
With no rest for the wicked, last night, AFTER Theatreg33k/t1nk's callback for Sylvia,

we drove over the hill to a Lords of Ancient Sin meet up hosted by my "brother from another mother" Moose, which included a lovely dinner and blatant sexual advances from and to anyone and everyone who wished to utter "your mom."

I am currently suffereing from D&D withdrawals but I should be able to remedy that tonight as my regularly scheduled table top gaming should resume this week. As should our normal schedule of posts beginning next Tues, as well as a 3rd 4 t3h Nrrd for Jan. and I will do my best to include something else Nerdy & musical to make up for a lack of Nerdcore from last month. I have plenty stewing in my drafts, I merely need to distill them for presentation. I hope you can contain yourselves until then. Thank you all again for your patience and understanding . . . and if not, well, go away then.

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