Tuesday, January 31, 2012

3rd 4 t3h Nrrd: Jan '12

Deathstar! A cool crew from the "Emerald City Empire" part of some of the "newer" Neredcore crop, they have a solid production and setup with nerdtastic content left and right fused with other topics that re-affirm they're not just a niche group nor is the genre.
C0splay, MC-3PO & Bill Beats
Like many other Artists I was introduced to them by Nerdcore Now 1. If you want follow along with the rest of the Death*Starmy, try the TWITTAR or the Book-in-you-Face. And to get straight to procuring those sweet tunes, the CAMPFORBANDS.

Still not convinced? stick this in your eyes-&-ear-holes while I break it down a bit more . . .

The two vocal cats, C0splay & MC-3PO, have voices that don't grate on the ears or make me zone out, they can keep a consistent flow, even at live shows, even if they get winded. They stay within their ranges, not attempting any crazy vocal tricks that might fall flat. And Bill Beats has a solid hand at the turntables. The mixes and beats always have me banging my neck. They're also good about titles and flows. I haven't noticed TOO many constant gags, so it doesn't get tiresome. Their collabs are hot too. I love how so many artists in the Nerdcore scene are totally up for working with other artists and how the web makes it accessible, these guys are no different.

To keep you titillated, here's another track, probably familiar if you read this blog consistently . . or ride with me . . . or drive anywhere I have since Nerdcore Now 1 came out, because this track is MY JAM!

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