Saturday, January 7, 2012

S.G.I.S. 6 REG!

It's ON!

Hatein on Paypal because of the Regetsy thing? GOOD! Gimme the money in person, mail me a check, take it to my folks. NO EXCUSES!

I watched CAMP("sequel" to fame), Camp Nowhere, Meatballs, and Addams Family Values(due to thanksgiving, love the turkey day scene). And it doesn't stop there! No horror movies for me, but you can enjoy them if you like. And also, got me some musical inspiration from Mr. Gambino's latest album
and tour.

As of Today I have 8 people total payed up, and I'm confident 3 more after tonight, thats almost half the spots available and I have almost half a dozen more who have said "they're coming" but just need to get me the cash, so get on it.

As I may have mentioned elsewhere,  although I may not get my fancy campfire sing-a-longs, arts & crafts, or and end of camp -athalon, what I DO want is to play some Pathfinder Society, so if anyone feels like stepping up and running an adventure path, a module, or even a Beginner Box Bash, please let me know, because if I don't hear from anyone about it, I will set one up myself. No pressure, I would love to set it up and run it myself, just letting you know.

Also, I have been working on changing up the menu for this year, and yes, I am aware we have certain dietary requests so I will try to bring along substitutions or alternatives, Please let me know ASAP if you have issue with the proposed NEW menu as it is flexible and not yet set.
B-fast: cereal, pancakes, egg, bacon, sausage (usual)
Lunch: (usual) sandwich stuffs, ham, turkey, cheese, PB&J, chips
Dinners: STEW! (potentially soups as well & bread bowls, funds permitting, def w/bread if not & salad)
Potato Boats! DIY with sour cream, chili (vegitarian and "con carne"), cheese, chives, butter, etc. again with the salad!
HOT DOGS!! (soy & hebrew national if I get my way) again with fixin's similar to the potato boats

So, ONE WEEK!!! GIMME YO MONEY!! We're going to CAMP!


  1. You mentioned that if you ran a society game, it would be a tier 1 game.
    For the less nerd-savvy folks out there: That means we're all level 1. Pretty standard, but just wanted to point that out.
    I personally would love to play.


  2. Kind of. Tier 1 is levels 1-3 or sometimes 5. with sub-tiers of 2 levels within that, or so I have come to understand it.