Saturday, March 10, 2012

Memeorable: Llameme

A call I had once heard long ago. I could not remember where. I heard it again around the turn of the year while I was in SoCal for the Stage Combat Workshop. One of the Coordinators, The Prez himself of the organization, his name is Karl. One of the other instructors, a petite firecracker of energy and enthusiasm would constantly bray his name in this fashion, especially when anyone needed something from him or he had "misplaced" some itinerary or equipment.
The entire workshop began to follow suit soon after we attempted to follow him back to the hotel one grey and foggy night where he apparently forgot we were following him. The transcript in my mind recalls it, something like this, "Kaaaarl, we were following you to the hotel, kaarl." and the next day, or so it seemed, someone pulled up their smart phone during a break and initiated everyone else into Llama's With Hats.

And apparently, there was once Llama's 5 with trolling action!

One last thing kept bothering me about these clips and it was how familiar they seemed to me. Perhaps I had heard them long ago in Jr. High when my net days were really taking off, or perhaps it was because these were the same guys who'd done Charlie The Unicorn. Either way, these clips still haunt me as now at work, we will often say each others names in that sign songy nasally voice and say "that kills people" to which I will often reply with something pithy like "That's the idea" or "Ah, that explains my explicit moans of pleasure." You know, trying to stay true to the source material.

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