Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Ready to Rumble?

This post is partial filler, partial real post and, like most posts, completely self promoting. As some of you may know, I perform, teach & direct stage violence,

 and this year I terrifyingly became a "professional" and am enjoying the fruits of my labors.

One of my most recent exploits is with Pioneer High School, and I was thrilled to be asked to help with choreographing the infamous Rumble. Although VERY enthusiastic the guys were VERY respectful and attentive. We worked through the fight, I acquired some fantastic stage weapons for their use and at the end of just a few rehearsals it was looking good enough for an opening night. This was back in February, so as long as they keep polishing, the Fight captain getting on their case, it should be a smash. Here's the flyer, go check it out. The little bit of musical rehearsal I saw was fun and I think the cast is diverse yet doesn't detract from the source material. All the actors seemed to want to be there and have a passion for theatre. Hope to see ya there!

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