Thursday, April 26, 2012

Bass Wheelie Squee, Ultra-Nerdcore, & REAL!

Wow, that whole "late update" thing got away from me. I have great ideas and plenty of free time for next week's post, but let me try and make up for this week a bit.

On Twitter, my personality shines through to other personalities. One of my Fave. front-men (lawl, Nerdcore, FRONT-men) Wheelie Cyberman, previously of Optimus Rhyme, now of SuperCommuter tweeted . . .

And I though to myself, now that can't be right . . . I love stand up bass . . . So I hit the webs and found this little gem after some poking about . . .

And tweeted out at him "Skip to 1:50 and then 2:30. I didn't think it was that boring . . ."
And then, one  of my fanboy moments occurred where an idol of mine interacted with me on the internet.

I was over the moon.

So that was fun, also, in other Nerdcore News, if you haven't heard, Ultrasklytron dropped a new HUGE album. Go snag that. some excellent gems in many areas of musicality. Try out here . . .

AND . . . speaking of nerdy goodness . . .

ARMOR-GEDDON In association with THE TWILIGHT KNIGHTS (who have been running The Dojo at Fanime for years ) Present:

Is It Real?

No restrictions on video recording or photography.
Suitable for All Ages.

A panel on blade knowledge basics. Twilight Knights & Armor-Geddon-ites discuss tips & guidelines for the modern collector & user regarding classic weaponry. Functional v. practical, display v. live steel, martial arts schools, jokes, with a Q & A to follow.

Yup on
Saturday, 12Noon-1pm in the Dojo (The Almaden Ballroom in the Hilton Hotel)
Sunday, 5pm-6pm in the Dojo.
yours truly will be hanging with the Knights and teachin' about blades. COME AND SEE IT!!

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