Thursday, April 19, 2012

Zelda Lightsabres Potter Caine

First and foremost, early last week I saw this and it made me cry. I think my jaded has grown back since then, but its really cool. It's like 10 minutes, watch it, it restores nerd soul points. At least it did for everyone I know, don't be a soulless dick, this isn't PvP combat.


"Okay H47 but why is your post 3 days late!?" Well, I'm working with some potential interns for the light sabre fight I'm Directing later this summer. Stay tuned for details. I was at the high school I teach Stage Combat at annually, interviewing and talking with the kids to see who was interested, had the schedule, who's folks said it was okay, waiting for their teacher (my friend) to deal with the 300 other things he has to daily till he got around to pointing me to the specific kids.

The OTHER reason is because I have started playing Ocarina of Time again and am exhibiting SERIOUS force of will just sitting down to write this filler+ amount of a post. BUT!, to not leave you hanging, it has inspired me to attempt to run a Pathfinder game(s) set in Ocarina/Majora Hyrule and build playable races and all that good sh-t. Stay tuned, I will most assuredly post anything I build, or I will  . . . LINK . . . through, oh ho, I know, if I find anything already made out on the intarwebs.
And the OTHER OTHER reason it's taken me so long, is because I have really nerdy friends who keep tweeting about their Pottermore experience. As well as T1nk was poking around on it too. So I'm hearing about my male AND female friends "wands" and what house they got sorted into, so my brain goes "I like Facebook quizzes even though I hate allowing the applications access to my account, this could be cool and quick." NO! I spend like, 2-3 hours on it because I'm reading everything EXCEPT the bit about how your supposed to find your shopping list, I finally find that and then it's all "choose wisely as you can not change what is chosen for you based on your answers which feed into our previously determined algorithms." So I sit there and belabor over some silly not-psych profile test that will probably never effect anything in my life ever, but it was fun. Just look at my tweets from that evening . . .

There are many "winners" for your potential user name. The idea is there but the execution is a little left wanting.

As a note, the pic for the wand is the same across the board, I'm a little dissapointed, I don't think that would be that hard. Especially considering you geta few options for your avatar, even IF only owls, cats and toads are "approved." WTB other obscure PETS/FAMILIARS PLZ!

And then this happened. And my fiancee was like "what? Youve never considered what house youd be in?" And I was like, absolutely, I'm an RPer and actor, this shit haunts me, but I was always like . . . I could be in Gryff cause I' think I'm such a strong personality, but then I could also go slytherin for the same reasons plus being a jerk sometimes, or back to Gryff for same reasons. Ravenclaw cause I pride myself on my smarts and think I'm better than everyone else, but then of course I could go Badger cause, well, I'm just weird enough. Well, fine. Funny enough, T1nk thought she would claim to be a Ravenclaw, but end up in Puff, but GOT SLYTHERIN! I think they're doing something clever on this part, and I'm okay with that. As a matter of fact, I tried creating a couple more accounts just to shiggle my way through and see what I got. Well, I only managed to do it once because I actually made an account that claimed I was 11 (if my new character is attending Hogwarts he would be 11 right? But I guess they have a different protocol for emails to younger players, which is fine.) but the other one I did . . . gave me a cool wand, not as awesome as my first one, but then . . . different sorting hat questions, and HUFFLEPUFF AGAIN! I think someone is watching my IP and trolling me. Either way. Entertained. And I think the site is cool as there are quite a few gems from Rowlings "not for the books" content and I think this is a great way to share it if you read through the books again. I'm not sure if I will, but, with this setup, I might.
Gary Oldman is a BEAST, Sirius Black is a PIMP. SO pissed when he died. Word up to the black sheep of the Black Fam.

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  1. Lol! I sooooo joined the Pottermore site! And I've added you on there! Tell T1nk to add me too! Don't know how much time I'll spend on there but it'll be a fun distraction every now and again!

    - Lani