Sunday, October 14, 2012


This post going up early so we all have more time to consider it, I will try to put up a small post on Tuesday to "stay on schedule."
There are few things that I do that I am verbally proud of. One of them is my driving. And now I can do that with . . .
 . . . 
Well, I can NOT find a simple clip of Rod Roddy saying "A new Car!!!"
Anyway . . .
I bought my first car that I bought all myself that ISNT over 5 years old. 
I'm not just showing off my new shiny but I'm also asking my friends family & readers to help me out with something. NO, it's not the payments (although, if you like, there is a donate button over there on the right. More money means more ridiculousness here, just saying).
As you might know from previous posts that anything "worth naming" should be. And so now I'm looking for suggestions for the newest member of my family.
Instagram pic by T1nk. Mmm, extra filters makes it taste of nostalgia.
For some background, Subaru is Japanese for the constellation known as the Pleiades. There is a rad little magical girl anime that was made a while back, HERE'S a post on it, with some more info on the mythos of the Pleiades in one of the links to the wiki.
Apparently Impreza is commonly believed to be derived from Italian or Polish meaning "impressive," "a party," "something worth note."
The car itself is a 2011, as the pics show, the Exterior is "Marine Blue Pearl" with "Dark Grey" interior.
Apparently it was a rental in Hawaii before being ordered by a customer who backed out. I don't know why but it sort of gave me a mercenary feel to the car.
Full frontal. Gonna have to wait till I get my vanity plates. Probably a good thing since the name might influence them.
I remember saying back when I started shopping for a car that I might name whatever I got "Pleiades" but then that always feel sort of like that scene from DragonHeart where the Sean Connery dragon is like "So you call my dragon in another language?" but it's still an option. I am a fan of non-English languages for names. one friend has recommended "Blue Steel" in Japanese. Thanks to the "Born on The Island, raised on The Islands, hired out Merc. life, now to serve faithfully as my companion" history to it I kind of developed a "Pacific Adventurer" persona to it that I like. But not sure how to develop that into a name. But of course I'm not married to that idea so feel free to suggest anything.

So, please, in the comments, on my FB page, tweet me, email me text me your recommendation & why (like the story or the definition of the name) and I plan to pick one on or before THURSDAY so it has a name before we go on our roadtrip to DISNAYLAND!! (most likely a post on a couple weeks once we've recovered.) Thanks for the Help, I will announce it's name in another post!

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