Wednesday, December 13, 2017

D and December 2017: Week 1 - Day 2

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 2- Favourite Class: Bard

He had an innate proficiency in steering a situation through word & gesture. His nondescript appearance could be leveraged to great effect when he so desired. This unassuming man with the slightly silly facial hair, could be your best friend in two sentences, or the most dangerous thing in the city in one. You’d forget him as quick as he wanted, or remember him years later, having only met once. So was his skill & powers.
“King of Jesters & Jester of Kings” was a persona the world new. He sang, he danced, he played several instruments, occasionally at the same time, told jokes, recited tragic poetry that could reduce the most stalwart knight to tears, & much more.
It was the “much more” that truly kept him in fine silks and the nicest taverns. Although being the preferred Jester for numerous royal families did pay a shiny gold piece, it was his lesser known occupation as spy & assassin that ensured his comfortable lifestyle, as well as preference in the various courts of the land.
In the well lit places he was jester, bard, troubadour, skald and even fool. But clandestinely, there were no job titles.
A customer would contact “the voice” for an act of deceit or skullduggery, terms were discussed, and nothing further contact would be made after.
Should a noble die mysteriously, or a warlord know of his enemies plans months in advance, such was the wheel of fate. Who but the person & “the voice” would know such things were planned far in advance, for which of the two would ever confess to such things? Exactly.

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