Friday, March 15, 2013

Doctor's Note

Yay Double Post Week. If I'm feeling fiesty we might even get a Meme-Orable up in here before next Tuesday. I know!, Crazy Talk.

BUT! I am sick and a little delirious but that's okay because THE DOCTOR IS TAKING CARE OF ME!

Thats right! A whole EP about Zelda and its NAME YO OWN PRICE! Get-it get-it!

Otherwise I have been distracted by Penny Arcade's Strip Search because I love it and T1nk has a serious girl crush on Erika Moen, who is a contestant. Other distractions include getting back into Magic the Gathering(Yes I've been watching these. We play them at work, it's awesome), trying to be a good Game Master to two games(read: bulding NPC's and puzzles & clues every week) as well as reading a good friends original manuscript.
So, staying busy and staying Nerdy, I will try to expound upon them and so forth in the future, give you that insight that I THINK you're here to get.
And if you want some real deep shit, here, this should make you cry, I need to see this as soon as I can, check the trailer . . .

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