Saturday, March 2, 2013

Not Quite a 3rd Part 2

 What the hell is this part two business? Dont read my blog eh? HERE'S PART 1!
Mega Ran & Doctor Awkward @ the DNA lounge!
 My Two days of Awkward continued from Sunday into Monday.
I rolled up to The City and strolled up to DNA and made it up the steps with a few minutes to spare.
Dr. Awkward kicked it off with great aplomb and style.
Honestly, I'm not sure if I can continue to write about certain artists performances when all I can say is "great, awesome, WHOO!" about their sets.

After that I found my date for the evening, a good friend of mine, Mac. I tasked her to pick targets and I would be her wingman for the eve. Apparently she wasn't too taken with my first choice for her, probably for the best.
While A_Rival rocked it I began my Merch-table networking/schmoozing/fanboying. And Urizen also went crazy! Very metal.
I snagged a copy of Black Materia because I didn't realize the day before that the Album "Black Materia" had a white cover, oops. It's cool, Random signed it for me!
Black Materia: Signed by Random, in a super cool DVD case
I then scoped the tour poster and had to have that happen, Random then tasked me with with collecting signatures of every performer present. I did not succeed but I did get a few.
NES in The West Tour 2013: signed by Radnom, Dr. Awkward, Dj DN3, & Special guest Int80

But I also had a bit of clever the day before in thinking, "oh man, I really like getting shirts and CD's signed but they sort of hard to show off and be like 'look at this cool thing with cool things on it!' and then have then get destroyed/washed repeatedly . . ." But then I was like . . "ooh, maybe I should have them sign MY NES! - - - No, that's dumb, it's hard to carry it around, if you drop it, hard to show people as they'd have to be in it's presence . .  I KNOW! I have extra copies of old NES game, I can fit it into a large pocket and even if I drop it or whatever, it has less mass and wont break into a million heavy peices! BRILLAINT!"
Harmless NES cartridge?
NO! Nerdcore Signature Transportation device!
I have some serious stalking to do now, I need ALL THE NAMES emblazoned onto this one Cartridge!
I then wanted to straight up donate to Dr. Awkward because sometimes music appears online and I want to honestly buy it but am broke at the time. So seeing these guys live is my opportunity to be like, "I have monies today, take them so I can not feel guilty 'choosing to pay 0.00 dollars' on Bandcamp when I really want to give you 15 and get a full CD in a jewel case, ya heard?"
And Doc Awk, humble as always was like, "nah man, take some merch for your cash!" So I snagged a mixtape sampler, which I gave to my sister (she LOVES MC Frontalot's "Start Over" yeah, that's right, my sister likes Nerdcore deep cuts, I'm so Indy) and a shirt THAT ISNT EVEN AVAILABLE ONLINE! See?
Zombie Shredder!
And then, as Bit Brigade started their AWESOMENESS I got a call that said I should head home, which turned out a good thing as 101 was shrunk down to ONE LANE! I don't give a fuck that it was 11pm on a Monday night it's 101 AND IT WAS ONE LANE!?!?!? Oh yeah, I didn't get any of the sigs from Urizen because they were post performance and I like to give performers some time to breathe and come down before I start bombarding them with fanboyness.
But Otherwise, the show was a blast and I can't wait to see any of these guys again on-stage or off as Nerds be Nerds and we should all hang out sometime.
P.S. I'm not gonna say anything is official or even "in the works" or anything, I'm just gonna say the words . .  which sound fun and may not mean anything at all . . .
Doctor Awkward at Fanime
I'm just gonna leave that there and TRUST me, I will let you know if any combination of the above comes to any sort of fruition.
Thanks again for reading H47ites!
And here's some vid from their show in so cal before the weekend I saw them...

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