Sunday, June 24, 2012


Don't worry, not dead, just Terminally busy (and no, not on Termenus, as much as I would like)

And also, unfortunately it's not about anything in particular I havn't talked about previously or care to expound upon.

For those that REALLY MUST KNOW, I had a sort of family emergency that put me out of wack for a good two days solid, and then on top of work and rehearsal, our store is at the Cow Palace again this weekend for the Gun Show, so that kept us busy as well, AND T1nk finally opened all three of her shows over the last two weeks, so of course I had to go see those, usually after work, after fight call's on Saturdays, or even taking her to rehearsal, doing some reading while I waited for her to be finished (as wireless is spotty out at the farm, I could not really work on the blog).

Just as reminders though:



and then we're both going down to SDCC and will actually be spending most of our time at G4m3rCon!!!

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