Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Wow, thats like, the Styrifoam Anniversary isn't it? or is that the 3rd month?
Yes! I know the 3rd is the actual date but, damn if I wasnt busy from Fanime, and now my show, and of course work as we hired one new guy and still only have 3 halves of 3 other employees, so hopefully we will hire one more to balance it out.

ANYWAY. In the vein of our regular Anniversayr Posts, I will LINK TO OLD POSTS!!!!
This is me holding a functional Odachi. No big deal.
As well as to hopefully get some of my more recent readers acquainted with the kind of frippery I post up here. Let's dive right in, shall we!

Finding A Path Through Three and a Half!
A short breakdown of my initial forays into Pathfinder as oppsed to 3.5. It still holds true and am running two short campaigns, both using Pathfinder system as the two games I normally play in are on hiatus for a month or two and THOSE TWO ARE ALSO PATHFINDER!

3rd 4 Teh NRRD: April '10
MC Hawking. an old guard Nerdcore playa that will always be Rollin! For Extra Credit Check These Other Doc's! I still hope and dream that one day The hot Doc Hawk will drop some Science on us again.

Remember Memeorables!
Silent! & Sultry AND Silly!

AND A Couple Reviews on media, like
Cartoons! and Books! And Cartoons (for those who can't scroll down two posts!)

And a video . . . . To round out our usual theme. (Made me think of my buddy Knapplesauce, who IS my IRL Guile. Love ya Bro!*)

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