Tuesday, June 5, 2012

summer wars

Holy Cow This movie is a adorable and you need to go out and watch it NOW, like NAO!
Okay, I will concede, it's a little "cute" but really, I was riveted for the last hour & a half of the movie. T1nk noted early on in the movie that it was a bit slow, but shortly after she said that she didn't ask a single question till the film finished.

I keep telling people that it's kind of like what would happen if Miyazaki took War Games and updated it and set it in Japan, and instead of a government defense computer it's Google.

I was at Fanime and was looking at the programing to find something that tickled my interest and saw this title. I couldn't remember a single thing about it but something at the back of my brain went, "yeah, that one!" So I listened. I was well rewarded.

There was a malfunction near the end of the film and it seemed as if the computer they were running the film on died, and everyone kinda sat in stunned silence for a minute. As soon as it became apparent that the PC was back up and running, restarting the movie and then fast forwarding to the place we left off, NOBODY LEFT. And the AV guy was like "no, I have to start it from exactly where we left off as we don't have much time, the next film needs to start on time" but I think they made the wise decision to let us watch it till a little over time as we would have nerd raged had they cut the film short.

And in a rare occurrence, I ran right out and bought it Tuesday after the Con and made T1nk watch it with me. I have also been slavering on about it to my other friends that they need to watch it. AND NOW YOU!
Here's a music vid I found that was fairly cool. I TRIED finding a clip or a trailer for it but the English dub was kind of lame. Doesn't matter either way CAUSE YOU NEED TO GO WATCH THE MOVIE!

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