Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Fanime 2012

Holy Cow was this a great FanimeCon.
Even though I had to ride the Line Ride TWICE, we did'nt have a hotel room, my "cosplay" on Friday was no where near as complete as I want it,  and I was asked to make sure Phish was peace tied twice, I had a blast and none of it bothered me.

It all began Day 0 while I was running around trying to find a few cheap pieces for my Kot-"eh"-tsu Cosplay. (that's where all of the pieces are not heavily moded or finished. the idea is that it's everyday wear and closet cosplay items so I can wear it on first day and last day and not be in an "uncomfortable" costume) and I was planning to head home and put a few touches on it and call it a night when some friends asked where I was in the pre-reg line. So I decide to go down and hang out with them. It was at that point I discovered there had been  a blown transformer and the power was out. Rumor has it that reg was DOING IT BY HAND ON PAPER. So, The line ride was on MANIAC difficulty, so after 5 hours of a sax who blessedly knew more songs than just the Epic Sax song and one rousing sing along of the Pokemon Opening theme, to celebrate a successful badge acquisition, there was delicious fancy food afterwards.
Oh yeah, the vest I found with white paneling on the front, I BOUGHT THE LAST ONE IN SANTA CLARA COUNTY! RLY though, I asked them to find me one in a larger size and they checked if they had ANY in four other stores and theirs was the only one. Good thing I know how to take this thing apart and put it back together, GO THEATRE SKILLS! Kudos to me though, I had two people call it and even one OTHER Kotetsu, whose cosplay was WAY better than mine, give me props, so, success!

Day 1 started early since I wanted to snag my badge voucher and badge ASAP and check in on The Dojo to say high to the Knights. Kicked off the Con with some of the FIRST programming of the weekend watching some AMV Hell, always a great start. Bounced around seeing people, meeting up with people, wandering the halls. And then I had to get to rehearsal, to find out I wasn't called for rehearsal, so I ran back to wait in line to get a badge for my cousin who may or may not have gotten there before they closed Reg. Twice Line RIDE! Acheive Unlocked! We had some Pizza My Heart for dinner and watched some Midnight Madness, then called it a night. Dub of The Northstar FTW!

Day 2. "Is It Real?" 1 day, parking was balls since I got there AFTER 10 A M, so I got to lug my "weapon box", my backpack with prizes & netbook, my projector, and all while wearing my snazzy clothes. Always fun. Got there with time to spare, set up and found out that the reason attendance was so low MAY have had something to do with the fact that The Dojo was somehow left out of the Weekend pocket Schedule. Whatevs, the few people who showed for my Panel were chill and I educated like a boss.
Ducked our heads in to half of a panel. It wasn't exactly what we thought it would be so we ducked out. T1nk wanted to go to a few meet ups and see some anime, but was prepared to watch all the programming!
Summer Wars? That sounded familiar, lets go see that . . OH MY GOD WHAT AN AWESOME ANIME!!! A review to follw in the nearer future, no Lie, I ran out and bought it. Mostly because it's only one movie.
 ooh! Abridged Series . . DBZ!? Sweet, I have no real desire to ever watch any of the DBZ's so Abridged make sit so I have sort of watched it and can get the jokes.
(Watch from 5:50 to about 8:38, or just till 6:45. that part gets me every time, I think its the mostly the voice of Lord Guru. it makes me giggle.)

Then there was some snackage and I dug in for marathon mode of Gainax goodness. The first Gurren Movie followed by the First Eva Remake Movie, OH YEAH! welll..... after Gurren, one of our compatriots wanted some more light hearted fare than Shinji crying like a bitch so . . BEST OF ZERO PUNCTUATION!! Leave half way through for food at a local eatery which I need to remember to never go to again. (The food is fine, the service is fine, the prices are decent, the location is great, I just cant stand how busy it is all the time and the clientele.) Called it an early night as there was no AMV Hell or Midnight MAdness on the schedule. EARLY DAY TOMORROW THEN!

yeah right.
Day 3. T1nk & I went to visit some Gothic Lolita peeps who were having a meetup, we knew one or to and T1nk is ALWAYS looking to get further into the culture, made some new friends, all of them ADORABLE! Ohh Abridged again . . . AVATAR ABRIDGED? HELL YES! PLEASE! A few good episodes of that, then a couple episodes of Battle Ship Yamato 2199. At that point we decided to schlep to the car to get all my gear for my panel. had a late lunch/supper, then threw down for more Paneling. Great crew for that, lots of questions and they seemed interested. Gave out some prizes and packed it in to let the next crew get set up then packed everything back out of the con. It was well timed with having my cousin Lefty get picked up by his mom, so after that . . .  T1nk & I went to check out The Masquerade. It was better than usual, meaning, not terrible. It gives me hope for the future! Gee, maybe we should go to the B&W ball seeing as our outfits are fancy & the proper colors! Nope, met up with folks, hung out, called it a night and went home since T1nk had to open at balls o'clock.

Oh yeah, for a few years now I have been taking my stuffed Phish to cons and have had it peace tied as a gag. And this year it had the old Anime Expo tie on it so I actually had two separate rovers ask me to make sure I had this years peace tie. I'm fairly sure they were feeding the joke OR they had orders to make sure any old peace ties were up to date. Either way, when I got to Safety on Site the glad recognized my Phish and were happy to keep me up to date. I love Fanime!

Day 4. Slept in! Sort of, Did Laundry! Hit the con last day late, schmoozed in the Dealer Hall with friends who work there and same with Artist Alley. Decided to cap off the weekend with one last trip to Pizza My Heart. This year was a good one.
See yall at other Cons or next year!
Stay Classy H47ites!

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