Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Double Move!

Standard Action. Season two began Filming a few weeks agoe!

I Finally Finished watching the end of Season One and cant wait for Two to start being put out!
First of all, how big of a blade nerd am I that I can recognize every sword used in the last three episodes and I know who designed them, manufactured them and how much they cost and whether or not they should have used them the way they did.
I will admit I kind of wish I could fly up there or live up there to do Stunt for them, because although i felt how they handled the combat was well thought out and executed, it told the story and kept me engaged, I feel it could have been more visceral. Especially had they been using two functional swords, not just one.
Character wise, I love the development and once more the characters lived and existed in the world and were invested in their universe. The tongue in cheek and meta jokes were well integrated and one was allowed to intuit them without having them hit you in the face. Bravo to the actors for doing the work and not sacrificing craft for camp or parody, but letting the script do it's job.

Who Needs Tanks & Heals. All you need is dps, support, support and a nuke!
Oh yeah, watch out, spoilers;
Oh My Gawd Edda is one hard ass bitch! She fuckin cut that foo!
Let me elaborate. I was thoroughly impressed by the choice to have Edda actually kill The Cleric as he was the obvious arch villain. My mind was blown. Bravo. this whole time you get this light-hearted, naive, almost "pretty dwarf" vibe from her and then BOOM, grim leadership from school of hard knocks call. Totally won MANY points with me.
An THEN, how they handle Fernando about it afterwards, priceless.
I'm sure there's more, but I unfortunately didn't get around to actually typing this up till a while after I watched it so some of it has faded from my memory.
Needless to say even if the quality is ONLY maintained in the future, I think Standard Action can stand Toe to Toe with other Web series greats like The Guild and Epic Meal Time.
And you can quote me on that, and I hope they will!
Go WATCH EVERYTHING ESPECIALLY . . . . . (something that I think might be good to condense and maybe make into a monologue. Maybe I should email the author and ask about permission and editing . . hrrrm . .)


  1. I totally missed this post - thank you so much for your review! And you are absolutely welcome to use Edda's monologue in an audition; that would be awesome. :)

    1. My pleasure! I will definitely post the final version as well as any experience I have using the piece. I honestly think that particular video is what drew me in to the show. Also loving the Kobold puppet(muppet? I'm not up on my puppeteer lingo PC-nes) can't wait to see how it's used in the show proper!

    2. Great! Can't wait to hear how it goes. :)

      Oh my goodness, we have so many puppets now. A very talented puppeteer went nuts with the project and now we have some absolutely amazing pieces of work to use. In fact, we have so many now that not all of them even show up in Season 2! It's a good excuse to make a Season 3. ;)