Tuesday, May 1, 2012


As promised, this is the post about Sausage Fest.

It all began when RunningRyan, as he always does, was bemoaning the fact that we are not "Bert & Ernie" life mates, or if you ask him what he said, it would probably sound like "we need to hang out some time," and there might have also been mention of watching Season 4 of Venture Bros. To which I replied, "I guess, maybe for a bit, maybe Ti-Slut can come along and chaperone." *Thought* "Man, that would be a sausage fest . . . hey! that actually sounds delicious, lets get a bunch of tubed meat together and watch cartoons!" Then C.J. &  . . . (Spent way too long trying to come up with a clever pseudonym that properly conveyed the characters she plays and the type of person she is and could not adequately develop one at this time . . . woman) piped in asking if they could attend and would stuff if necessary. Encouraged by members of the fairer gender (one of my many follies, I'm sure) I declared the event to be a future thing!

We established a date & time, got coverage at work, so all could attend, and there may have even been a facebook event that read . . .

@ H47cave

BYO-Sausage and enough to share. We will be watching Venture Bros. Season 4. And otherwise BSing till a "decent" hour at night/in the morning. You can bring a friend or two, but no more than two.

Then, The Sausegening Began . . . .

Yes, Mini-Cheddarwursts & sausage wrapped in pancake-dogs. Savory & sweet

Some of "The Spread"

Another POV shot. Oh yeah, Pievuhg brought tacos to a sausage fest. typical.

 There were two not present for the Wide shot of the Orgy of Tubed Meat, but they gorged themselves as well as any you see there, guilty and debauched.

Many things were discussed . . .

And in the end, I suffered a great blow for my lust for sausage and company . . .

 And so was SAUSAGE FEST!!!!


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