Monday, May 14, 2012

Knapplesauce RPG Eve

A good pal of mine "Jubbles" is in town for a while so I'm hosting an RPG one shot. Since it's somewhat short notice and I don't even have an entire group confirmed I'm keeping it simple and posting the info here so that everyone involved can access it considering some don't use facebook and some don't use twitter.

Level one Pathfinder Society Characters!
(What the hell does that mean?) THIS!! HERE READ then DOWNLOAD THEN READ THIS
if you're like "Fuck you, H4773r! RPG's are about pretend not reading!" Then please build a level one pathfinder character, starting gold 150, point buy . . .
all stats start at 10, point values are
7, –4
8, –2
9, –1
10, 0
11, 1
12, 2
13, 3
14, 5
15, 7
16, 10
17, 13
18, 17
No scores below 7 or above 18, all before racial mods.
There are a few adjustments to item creation feats, siege engines and such. They will be addressed as necessary.
If you have no intent whatsoever to register your character for pathfinder play, these are merely suggestions.
If you already have a registered Society character, please feel free to bring it along, we will see if it is eligible for the module I will run.

I have the whole day off so if you want to show up before 3pm for help/to hang, contact me before midnight tomorrow (tuesday) So I can put clothes on in time.

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