Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Dense Post

Heavy wood! Oh yes, keeping the innuendos classy.
Thank you all for hanging in with my erratic update schedule the last couple weeks but I think I will have time next week to catch up and get us back on track.

First! Shameless Plug!!!!

Not Real
A blade info Panel to be presented at FANIME this weekend, Saturday at Noon and Sunday at 5 pm in The Dojo (Hilton side)
Come down, check it out, we got special offers for my shop and some prizes as well.

Next: If you like FPS's, Epic Meal Time, Shows about strange High Schools and crazy weaponized special effects . . . Then I just described:
Video Game High School
 Freddie Wong, Matt Arnold, Brandon Laatsch, & Desmond Dolly (yes, I can look at an "about" page WOO!) gather some of the world wide webs, webbest faces and do amazing nerdy things GO WATCH! ROCKET JUMP IS THE SIGHT CAUSE THEY MAKE OTHER THINGS TOO I MIGHT WATCH THEM!! HERE IS EPISODE 1 IF YOU WANT O WATCH IT BEFORE OR AFTER THE TRAILER BELOW! GO!

I had a
but I felt it deserved its own post, so that's why it's above this post. Boo YA!

Oh Yeah, I'm close to ordering a HALF A DOZEN LIGHTSABERS for my show later this summer, if you wish to purchase one and want a discount in exchange for letting me bash it about EMAIL ME ASAP! If we snap the blade it will be returned with a replacement and if the hilt is damaged I will offer you one of mine in recompense if the manufacturer doesn't warranty it. This is a tentative offer. email me for details.

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