Thursday, November 1, 2012

A Fellow Traveler

I would like to thank everyone who gave me ideas and suggestions for the new moniker for my new vehicle.

The car is named Ryoko-Sha, or "Yoko" for short!

Roughly, Travel in Japanese is "Ryoko."
Apparently also This Character from Tenchi Muyo
And according to a few translators I found "Traveler" translates to Ryoko-sha (with a dash over the last 'o' but I can't figure out how to make one.
Apparently "Ryoko" is also a fairly common Japanese female name.

As is "Yoko" and of course, one of my FAVORITE Yoko's. So overall, I'm digging the associations I'm making with the car, it's name, and how I view it as one of the things in my life.

 It was Christened Thursday Night 10/18/12, and began it's maiden trip with me & my fiancee at 6:30 am 10/19/12 to Anaheim,CA.
As per my tweet "MPG stands for 'My Pimpass Gasmileage!' "

She performed admirably all the way down I-5, got us to & from the Disneyland resort all weekend, and then got us home safely.

AND THEN, I dragged her out to the central valley for a family visit, and helped me get out of that hell hole just as quickly.
All told, 1k miles, easy and I am loving my car.

To continue pampering and asserting my ownership we picked up a little souvenir before we left the Magic Kingdom . . .

I don't even have the license plates themselves yet, but that cover is on my car. ha! That is of course until I get customs that advertise my 2nd favorite blog! (this one. my blog is my second favorite, my first favorite is T1nks.) Then it goes on the front, so It's the first thing that sees Disneyland.

Any more on mods to the car will probably be another post so I wont bore you. Thanks again for listening to me go on about my new shiny, and I think some of you already know how much my vehicles mean to me. Later H47ites, Cruise on Space Cowboys!

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