Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Well, sort of. I have been doing a lot of watching lately.
-FLCL again for myself, first time for Theatreg33k
-Escaflowne the Movie (still only half way through. Writting this instead of finishing it, don't you feel special). So then I can watch "Nescaflowne" and then put up a meme-Orable

-Wreck it Ralph which was awesome, and I will repeat what I've heard before, that Disney made a Pixar movie after Pixar made a Disney Movie. Also, the soundtrack has been playing in my shop ever since Calamity Jane will sing "Sugar Rush" on her own if something else isn't playing it.

I also beat Sugar Rush and Hero's Duty. Hero's duty was a bit of a grind, but then so was Sugar Rush. Man, I really wish they would release a full version of Sugar Rush, it would be a great Mario Kart alternative.
- Rise of the Guardians which was THE BEST! I enjoyed it thoroughly and will watch it again and again if the opportunity arises. I feel that I am most like the elves since someone else I know has claimed the Yeti's as their new spirit creature and apparently will "speak yeti" at home now. For more of my thoughts and feelings on the subject I will defer to . . .
-Andre: The Black Nerd:

I have watched almost  the last half year of his catalog and would love to hang with him. Just maybe not barefoot anywhere . . .
-my last post
-Keeping up with other web series and Apparently there's some collab going on between Standard Action and the Zombie Orpheus crew on GAMERS THREE!!! OMG! SQUEE!!

 watching things change, and watching out for things to happen as well as reactions to them.
 . . . and now that I've gotten his far into the post I realized it's not just some filler post but several half posts rolled into one larger post so that it is superior to the inital "imma blather about things until a post appears" even though that's exactly what happened. SUCCESS!. I feel that is good. Enjoy.
-Later Space Cowboys

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