Tuesday, November 20, 2012

A Haven, for Mages

Yall know I love me some Fantasy / RPG settinged web series and how I just want to help so bad. Not even necessarily be like "IMMA BE A BADASS Drizzt Clone in all dis gear, that would be AWESHUM!" But you know, offer some locations I have access to, give creative input as I love adding my own flair to stories, OR even contributing my skills & knowledge as a combatant & fight Director.

So, I nearly flipped my wig when my buddy Pablo told me about a buddy of his, who is local to me, was doing a totaly-metal fantasy Web series. MAGEHAVEN

I've watched almost all of their videos, chatted with the creator himself and even do regular check ups on their TWITTAR! and their BOOK-FACE. I have very high expectations for this particular show based on what I've seen so far.
There appears to be professionalism and passion at every aspect. From the diverse cast, to the fabricated costumes and right down to post-effects that don't look cheesy or corny.

There are many hints in the videos as well as should you talk to those on the project as to what the story holds and some of the next episodes. And with thier indiegogo fully funded, it should be very soon!

So far there is only so much to critique as far as a finished product, I really wanted to help get them on other people's radars and hopefully get them some more support so it can continue to grow.

Watch away and wait with me for more awesomeness from the world around Magehaven!

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