Tuesday, January 22, 2013

A Lull With Lols & Rage

I'm sorry, as per usual, for the interruption in service.
In H4773r related excuses(news) we had ANOTHER successful S.G.I.S.Con: This year with less stress!

In less exciting turns of events my store is going out of business which means  I will be job hunting in between rushing around trying to sell every last fixture and piece of product up until the last day of the month to help recoup losses for the owners. As well as getting my official paperwork into each of the School Districts to begin subbing. Oh yea (short rant) and while we were gone at S.G.I.S.Con mysterious persons were in our room and we have yet to interrogate our roommates as to the actual events, meaning I will want to focus even more in finding replacement employment after my store closes and then moving out shortly thereafter. Because I am tired of this bullshit.

As per Joesky's Law, here are some cool  things I enjoy:
For those of you who may have missed it I am still listening to Nerd Poker and if you haven't yet, here's the link to Ep 9? Anyway, don't listen tot he episode if you haven't heard them all yet, but listen to the "crazy shit" clip lower on the page about Sark's fave story about an old TSR spy game. It's awesome.

And then, get yo SWAG on! Steampunk Writers & Artists Guild!
Gonna get maself up in there before the end of the spring so I can start getting feedback on some pieces I need to get fleshed out.

And I'm starting up a couple D&D games again Friday & Sunday. Friday should get jumping here this next week. I'm DMing, get this, a high level Pathfinder game SET IN Eberron! Yay setting conversions!
And Sunday should also be Pathfinder set in Golarion BUT we had some discussion of doing a Vampire: Dark Ages (yes OLD ASS White Wolf) game. we voted off that because we only had one physical book, BUT, Moose may let me borrow his AND I might just use a pdf of the book I have and run a print off of it and use that as a "ghetto" book. It could work, yeah?

There ya go guys, sorry to not touch base but I will try to find some time to make a buffer of posts with my usual fare of nerdness as I am prepped to be busy as hell the next few months with birthdays and cons and adjusting to a new schedule with subbing and whatever job I acquire next.
Later H47ites!

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