Tuesday, March 30, 2010

For t3h Lose

As in the opposite of FTW, as in, a metaphor for my life.

After a few years of wishful thinking and hopeful musing, Theatreg33k & I have finally started our own web-comic. Read it HERE. Hosting thanks to our good techy Epyon Avenger, Story is written dominantly by myself, inspired by true events and further embellished by myself, with constant input from Theatreg33k, AND I finally talked her into drawing it, and so her career as an artist begins . . . . from square one.

So go read it, and please be kind as this is sort of like a garage band thing, were ametures praying for the big leagues, but we do welcome all REAL criticism, "you suck" will be met with "and you need a life" or something equally snarky.

URL is:


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