Thursday, March 11, 2010

Hard Core Nerds Who Aren't "Nerdcore" prt. 2

MC Chris is nerdy. He has also been busting his ass for about a decade or more establishing himself as an artist musically and a writer, being heavily involved in a lot of "Classic" Adult Swim. As most of us should know by now, this runs in a nice parallel time line to Nerdcore Hip Hop's early years. This seems to lead to a lot of linkage between him and the greater Nerdcore movement. This is inaccurate, however. Similar to MC Lars & YTCracker, he was simply a musician trying to lay his business down and when Front put a name to it, human nature took a hand in things and Chris was lumped into Nerdcore as his -rap- was -nerdy- and quite a few other Nerdcore artists were surfacing around Fronts Nerdcore Flag.

It seems to me after a few years of hearing "oh yeah, you're nerdcore," and I can only imagine what else could be said after those few words, Chris got fed up with it and put up a heated post on his Myspace Blog about his association with the Nerdcore scene. He distanced himself from many Nerdcore artists, even dropping shows with some of them, and there was a backlash.
So, dropping a gig/an opener is a big slap in the face, so I don't agree with that, regardless if he "sent a mixed message" by having Nerdcore acts in his show while saying he himself was not Nerdcore.
But, I don't think anyone should blame him for wanting to be recognized as an independent performer. For better or worse I've never seen him ride anyone's band wagon and I can respect his desire to be a unique entity.

I love his music and his sense of humor, it just seems like he lets the circus get to him. He attempts to distance himself from things he enjoys and it gets convoluted and twisted, there's a reaction and misunderstandings all around.
So, MC Chris is not Nerdcore, and that's okay with me. If he wanted to be, that would be okay with me. BUT, he's not and so I shan't feature him in my monthly Nerdcore focus. QQ, i'm sure so many people care.


If you do like any of the artists I have written about on my 3rd 4 T3h Nrrd articles DO check out MC Lars & MC Chris, as they are very professional, very good, very rappery, very geeky, perhaps even hard core nerds, and tend to be liked by people who are into Nerdcore Hip Hop.


I would like to officially apologize to Canadian rapper, Jesse Dangerously for featuring him in one of my monthly posts as he does not self identify as a Nerdcore Artist. Thank you for your good humor and replying to my (not always) humble blog. Mr. Dangerously (you see that? I used his performing name as if it were his real full name, I'm like the New York Times, it's clever) has been a really cool collab on a lot of Nerdcore tracks and I believe just likes to feel the love throughout the hip hop scene regardless of Nerdcore or otherwise and smartly welcomes the positive attention. Thanks JD, keep on rappin'.

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