Friday, March 19, 2010

Just a Caster

So, instead of posting about the 20 other things I have rough drafts for, I'm gonna talk about D&D.

Right know I'm in a game that meets for most of the day on Sundays (after church for some of us. Who said Christians don't know how to party. Get it? Eh?) and this group has been meeting, changing and shifting consistently for about three or four years.
In the campaign we're in right now I'm playing a PC & Cohort combo where I am trying to be as ambiguous as possible as to which one is my main character and which one is the full level character. (we're playing 3.5 right now, but our DM has been all over Pathfinder since it came out and his other group has even converted to it, I think it may be in our future.)
The 2 characters are twin brothers and I'm doing a blatant homage/parody of The Brothers Majere with a twist of course.
So, Caramon "El Espada" (he gave himself this honorific) is a full bore human fighter with several feat trees. He is decent in combat whether sans armor with only a dagger, or rocking full plate with his battle-ax, and although his swarthy Spanish accent and low wisdom make him out to be a rock brained meat-shield (as his brother has referred to him) he is not an idiot and some of his feats and tactics reflect this.
Rayelstin "Ray" "El Palabra" (his brother insists he use this honorific but personally disdains it) is a devout worshiper of Boccob and seeks knowledge of magic of any type. Dual class Wizard & Archivist, he will most likely prestige into Mystic Theruge after one more level of Archivist.
Common encounters include "El Espada" proclaiming that he is "Caramon! El Espada, and this is my brother, Rayelstin . . . " Caramon holds his hand towards Ray. Ray looks pained. Caramon: "say it." Ray, in a weary voice: " el palabra." Caramon: "yes! El Palabra. He is the brains and I am the brains, the brawn and the steel, if you know what I mean." Ray sighs.

It's been interesting with the caster as I was attempting to use only spells that both arcane and divines could use. I'm falling off that a bit but hope to re-align the concept. As the idea is that he was a priest of Boccob and happened to be more bookish than a normal cleric and this was the result.

As El Espada, it's just silly fun claiming to be the hero and not doing too bad a job at it. He's had a couple mishaps, such as needing to be healed profusely as well as being turned to stone recently, but he takes it all in stride as (he believes) there is nothing he and his brother can not overcome.

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