Thursday, March 4, 2010

MemeOrable: Meme-Man Outta You

What the hell is up with "Ill Make a Man Out of You"? (Sorry if I sounded like Seinfeld for a second there, but honestly, I question this.)

When and where did our collective consciousness decide this was an accepted meme to be filtered and parodied?

Forget it. I think I understand. This song is REALLY good. So, pick the vid that tickles you, or the "true vid" if you want the highest musical quality I've heard out of all of them, clear some room to get down to, make sure you're in a room where you can sing your lungs out without interruption, and blast it loud!

A Blog I read consistently, Frost Is The New Black put up a nice little thing:
"(February is February Album Writing Month! For 28 days, musically minded individuals write 14 songs. This year, my concept album will be about WoW parodies to popular songs.)

Track 2: I’ll Make Alliance Out of You (parody of “I’ll Make a Man Out of You” from Mulan)"

as well as . . . .

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