Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Bonus Nerd Friendly Rap: MC Chris

(Due to the late 3rd 4 t3h Nrrd I thought this might be a good choice to put up. I have another for MC Lars should the occasion arise. Enoy!)

SO MUCH AWESOME!!!!! This high pitched home slice has been working and moving for a while and if you don't know who he is but are reading this blog even partially on purpose you are probably familiar with his work. He also goes by MC Pee Pants and originally Chris Ward. He has done work all over Cartoon Network's Adult Swim, specifically on Aqua Teen Hunger Force as well as others. He is a mover and shaker throwing down his sub-pop-culture awareness everywhere he goes, and as indicative of the hilarious skits on his albums hes good at telling a joke.

Here is a one of my favorite clips of him breaking down his thoughts on a beloved "JRPG"

But WAIT! Yes, he's funny, and he makes a great Dungeon Master of Ceremonies, AND he gets work on a internationally known television network, big deal? THATS NOT ALL!!
Check these fat beats and slick rhymes.

you might have heard this one . . . somewhere . . .

this one is for Theatreg33k!

Regardless of self labels and relationships with "communities" MC Chris is a great Hip Hop Artist, he raps about content I enjoy, the music gets me moving and I hope to continue to see him tour and produce. MC CHRIS IS NOT DEAD!

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