Thursday, July 22, 2010

3rd 4 T3h Nrrd: July '10

We've looked at the Godfather, The King, a couple Doctors, but this time, we look to The Darklord!

Schaffer (sorry I cant make the little umlauts over the "a") The Darklord, Or, STD. An east coast host with, quite a bit to offer musically and as a REAL Master of Ceremonies. How many nerds do you know host Geektacular Burlesque shows on a regular basis AND are married to very attractive doctors?

I really like STD, but I'm not as huge into the music of his music, but I like the content, I like the beats, I like the lyrics and I love the guy. I just don't like the musicality of his vocals, and I'm not sure if he cares.

Tangent: Am I being too picky? Am I so inundated with auto tune and mass produced hip hop that I WANT my music, my "ear art" to be on key and in tune with the beats? Or is rap that much born of spoken word that I shouldn't care? This isn't about STD specifically either, Mr. Dangerously has acknowledged this occurrence and I greatly support him in his growth as an artist and continue to enjoy his personal betterment. I guess that is one of the things that is that difficult and if and when I start producing my own music I need to watch out for? Anyway, back to the music.

This cat is hard at work. I've managed to hear something about him or of him every year for the last three or four years and he just has great gigs. It doesn't sound like hes tours but he does perform all over the U.S. and crank's out album's fairly consistently. He currently has three out and you can even get him on iTunes.

Regardless of my own audio hang ups, I like STD and I want to see him keep doing his thing. Love the way he works and the projects he's involved with and I plan to grab those albums and make my co-workers listen to them.
Remember kids, don't fear the Rappist!

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