Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Fake, Fo' Real

"I do not wish to keep it real. Well, maybe realistic. I like to keep it fantastic. Or for the vulgar, keep it fake." I said this to an acquaintance of mine when she asked if I was "keeping it real?" I thought about it for a second to come up with a jibe or trite comment because I'm a snarky jerk, but instead it struck a philosophical chord with me.

Shortly after saying that it got me to thinking on how I'm big on escapism and fantasy as a way to get away from what the greater world imposes upon me.

Perhaps this is why Nerdcore can be so easily seen as a parody. In many ways it is, but I think this comes from the natural self deprecation of many nerds and geeks. I have heard countless nerdcore songs that have lame, flat, rambling about how un-hard they are and just as most of our universal dialogue is, it's very self aware.

Are we not being true to ourselves if we don't examine and acknowledge these themes in our art? I find the parody purely acceptable. Being a culture of outcasts mocked and mocking, to point at ourselves is only natural.

Just to be hypocritical though, I do know should an artist who isn't "blatantly geeky" make "nerdcore mock" music he would be chastised by the community. Or if the songs are openly belittling of hip hop roots and culture that thats not fair out of context. I believe many elements of modern and even older mainstream hip hop are "worthy" of some jokes and parody, but I think the mockER should be educated on their subject and informed of what they do.

Oh art, you so crazy. And if you don't like these couple of pennies feel free to leave them in the little tin below, someone else might need them.

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