Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Something Everyone Should Try Once

So, this should probably be a Meme-Orable but It's not really a meme and I felt weird about posting those random "this is a vid" posts, you know what I mean?

I also need SOMETHING to put up today, because I care.

I promise, I promise, I will put up a 3rd 4 t3h nrrd before the end of the month and have one ready to go by aug 3rd.
I also think I'll have more from Azzeroth and our weird friend who cant keep his author/persons/tenses correct, Termenus, or maybe even a new correspondent.


Today I offer something fun I forget where from, but hopefully the crew keeps going with their zany antics.

Their site can be found here, it looks like tons of fun.

And, for a little literary respite, I present THIS amusing diatribe, that I hope to use as a monologue some time.

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