Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Red, Black and Blue

Hello again Azzerothians, Termenus here, Lord of the Frost, Penguin King, Disciple of Vargoth, Incredible Tanking Mage, Of Stonard, and now . . . . Raid Leader!

You heard right, I too am a coordinator of increased repair bills as of last night night. I led half a dozen Lords and a few great Pick Ups into the Ruby Sanctum 10man Regular and we were almost victorious.

Yes, almost. And I am very proud of that. It is new content, It was my first real raid lead and it is equiv difficulty as 1st/2nd wing of ICC, clearing everything except the last boss is nothing to sneeze at.
True, had it been a raid full of Lords who are currently well into the final wing of 25 man ICC we would almost definitely have finished the whole thing in much quicker time, but . . . those guildies were IN 25 man ICC with our cousin guild. I had to find 2 PUG tanks and 2 PUG dps.
Then we had to tweak and refine our coordination together as a raid. Like I said, Pride.

On top of all this, I LOVE the new content. Its small, short and smart, like I like my women! All of the encounters have unique mechanics and skill checks are even more necessary than gear.

The first mini-boss gave us some serious issues as our initial OT was under geared, as well as I have heard from other players that it is a difficult fight on its own. After about 6 wipes (I know, I know) the OT aggreed to hop over to his raid healer, we found another OT and one of our dps PUGs who was of weak constitution dropped and was replaced by another Lord. The last pull, our OT dropped AGAIN, BUT our MT grabbed both "bosses" and we downed him.

"Second" mini-boss, has a fun aerial phase and a debuff dynamic that keeps things interesting, one shot her.

Even the trash kept us on our toes in RS10reg, as there are two large 5-mob pulls between the first two and 3rd mini-bosses. They have a "captain" 2 melee bruisers, and two caster mobs, we ended up having to separate them than single target dps switching from each tank's group. very clean, old school pull style. Great fun.

I have been noticing allot of other players commenting on my old school style of play. When I tank on my warrior I use alot of LOS (Line of Sight) pulls and I really want to use CC even though allot of dps nowadays just AoE and attacks whatever they want. I would mark mobs, but in Heroics and such, so many people know the fights so well and expect the tank to be flawless that it doesn't give one time to do these things. When I'm on Term I find myself wondering if we should CC on pulls that give us problems, but once more, everyone expects the tanks to be able to AOE tank and hold it while everyone else goes apeshit. For more on my thoughts about the ROLE of DPS, go HERE!

Back to the Raid:
3rd mini-boss is a bit of a trick and we got a little sloppy, but managed to one shot it. The communication was very good and everyone was on their toes on heals & damage focus.

Halion, the actual boss. After 5 minutes of attempting to explain the fight, which is a bit intricate, there are 3 phases but the third one combines the first two at the same time and you ALSO have to coordinate dps. We wiped twice, we had been at it for about 3 hours with no gear, only 3 badges. After the second wipe, I asked fro a ready check to see who wanted to call it a night and a fewe people voted out so we stopped there.

Here it is, Ruby Sanctum, all cleared except last boss.

If you end up in a lame group, this Raid could REALLY suck, I'm sure, but I know I will want to be running this instance every chance I get.

See you around the Worlds of Warcraft.

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  1. Woot! Congratulations, Termenus!! I'm so proud of you! And Lords, of course! :D