Wednesday, January 31, 2018

D and December 2017: Week 4 - Day 4(Belated)

4- Trinkets and Treasures

one copper piece, given to myself, that I kept in my hat, that was 5 feet tall

The infamous bard, Ran Dansin (the first, the original), had a top hat that was a relic won from the Mad Hatter on another plane, after the Mad Hatter let it slip there was more than one of them in existence, he was able to ask for one as compensation for besting him at tea/chess.
There was a 70% chance to pull out a random mundane item, 20% to pull out a random uncommon item, 5% a rare, and last 5% truly unique item.
Over the course of a campaign this hat provided, smelly cheese, a perfect red rose, a flask of water, shards of glass, a swarm of sturges, an assortment of Jackalopes, and a wee-jeenie.

One time, Ran was pulled into the hat, and plopped into the hand of a giant. This giant looked just like him. The Giant Ran proceeded to jab at him and say, "I wish for greater physical prowess, specifically Strength, Dexterity & Constitution, much as a magical tome might provide".
Ran replied "I can not grant you this, for I am but a traveler, and have not the ability to bestow it."
"What!?" exclaimed the Giant Ran. "You're not a wee-jeenie?"
"No, I'm Ran Dansin, Troubadour Extra-Ordinare"
"So am I, and each time I've reached into this hat, I've pulled out a wee-jeenie"
"Really? All I get is bullshit."
"Oh, that's too bad."
"Hey, as one Ran to another, don't suppose you could spare some money? Gold, gems, that sort of thing?"
"How does a copper sound" asked the Giant Ran, producing an immense copper coin.
"Sounds fine"! Original Ran lashed it with rope, tied on end to his wrist like a surf board, and was placed back in the Hat.
They kept it hooked to the brim of the hat(from the inside) till they were able to find a smithy that broke it into bars and paid them in platinum for it's worth.

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