Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Allies, WTF Mate?

A letter to Alliance concerning XR raids:


This is a question I ask a lot in life, but especially in WoW.

Ever since the early years of vanilla and definitely since I can remember, Crossroads, in northern Barrens is constantly set upon by max level Alliance players.

This makes no sense to me in any conceivable way other than to be a raging dick. And that might be reason enough, but it doesn't make me less upset.

If no one has guessed yet, I LOATHE PvP servers. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy PvP, mostly BG's and worthwhile world objectives (killing faction leaders) I even totally understand Arena (even though I don't play). BUT!! Incorrectly, I was led to believe there was some sort of etiquette that if you / wave to an enemy player, they will probably leave you alone if you are both questing out in the world. Nope, red = dead for you or the other player. I had a warrior on a pvp server for, two years? I BARELY got him to 64 over that time because every 7 levels, I would get ganked, repeatedly, rage quit and not return to that server for 3 months, like an Alzheimer patient. No level difference is too great nor bag not douche enough that another player will attack you in flagged areas. I had toons 3 levels lower than me openly try to gank me on that server. What about that makes sense? "gee that 52 war who is clearing 3 mobs at a time is flagged. I'm running to somewhere across the zone and he's ignoring me, and I'm not even 49 yet . . I ! MUST! ATTACK!"

So, once again, why? Boredom? I have several high end toons. Even if you ONLY do PvP, do you have this stash of unlimited gold that you cant be farming for mats for enchants or gold to buy mounts or whatever? Have you "beat the game" so completely that you must resort to decimating a town that has guards 20+ levels below you? Even back in vanilla the biggest threat was the 60 elite hunter who is there. Now, 4 years later you can probably solo her at 60 with some nice outland greens. How is this any sort of challenge or even noteworthy achievement?Go to northrend and clear out Agmar's Hammer or if you wanna be a real beast, Warsong Hold with two RP bosses. Just Soloing? Try an outland city where no one will bother you. Want people to bother you? Try hanging out outside Ogrimmar gates, someone will humor you. Too many people humoring you? well . . . Fuck off then.
I can maybe understand the enjoyment of being able to clear something out that is established and integral, that sounds fun, but not when it is so easy.

Crossroads is just a central example, and I've seen hordies attempt to do the same to Westfall, as well as the constant war between Southshore & Terran Mill (which actually makes sense on occasion as levels 25 through 45 travel through there, this is okay since the guards are about that level) but when you're character has no reason to be in that area or can solo 5 of any mob in the zone or more, it becomes silly.

Am I the only person who thinks this? Am I a crotchety noob QQing into the wind because I am not l337 enough to understand how fun running into Northshire Abbey as a full PvP geared frost mage and killing every NPC AND mobs for a good half hour until someone informs another 80 in Stormwind and then running off, is?

I may be preaching to the choir, but this has been rattling around in my brain for a while, thank you for humoring me.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Brutal Honesty

I am semi-sleep & schedule borked. . . for me. I don't care what your schedule is or how little you sleep or how bad your life is, that is you. If you want to REALLY complain, talk to one of my OTHER Doctors, which is why I don't complain. (the above was not me complaining, it was letting you, the reader, know why I have not been supplying my regularly scheduled mind-spew.)

Anyway . . . I am still dedicated to updating SOMETHING every week, so I will do my best to put something up soon. I appreciate all you guys and I have some rough posts I need to polish off and I should have some goofy/fun stuff up next month, as well as regularly scheduled 3rd 4 t3h Nrrd!

L8er nerds.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

S.G.I.S.Con V Alert!

Yes Kids, Six Months Till we revisit that undisclosed wilderness location for a weekend of debauch & dastardly Nerdiness!

Only 25 spots as per last year, so far, $25 Dollar Reg (until Jan 1, 2011) and if this is any sort of an issue contact us immediately. But enough of the SrS Bznz, the real reason I'm posting, in addition to giving notification that ITS ON, is, I don't yet have a theme.

I reserve the Right to proclaim any theme I choose for the Con, BUT . . any and all suggestions will be . . . viewed.

To get things started, A few ideas that have been thrown around are;

-Pirate (kind of obvious, but doing it whole hog might be fun)

-Tea Party (being A Hatter, this could be totally fun, as I sure you agree)

-Anime/J-Culture (yo aniki, I blought my game-uh cube-eru, maybe we can "hang")

-Wild West (Few people know I wanted to be a Cowboy, & NO! this does not = steampunk)

While I'm on the subject, I don't think I will let Steampunk be an option this year, I'm not saying no altogether, just, a lot of our shenanigans devolve into cross-genres.


-Nerdcore . . . Again (I have a new documentary and new music to share, as well as the attendee make-up changes every year, I would love to expose more to the genre, if I'm allowed.)

Comment here, email me, text, whatev's!

I Don't Know What You're Talking About

As per a tweet earlier today, I have been in mountainous regions for the last three days (not a euphemism, I assure you. I wish.) with no cushion of updates to keep me through the week. I will have a post up of some substance later today.
Stay With Me H47ites!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Meme-Orable: WoWmemeomatic

Holy Tauren are you gonna get a Legendary size dose of nerd & WoW. Ready? Okay, PULL!

First mob includes a treat from those crazy cats over at College Humor. As we know I am devotee of hip hop in its geekier forms so I often belt out to this.

Next "trash" includes numerous nerdgasmic samples combining three awesome things. Machinima, WoW, & Nerdy Music ( JoCo, Paul & Storm, rap covers). HERE ARE LINKS to appropriate YouTube Channels. BUT, below are a few of my favorites.

Now for THE BOSS, Illegal Danish! Myndflame (after a few years) has completed the Azzerothean Opus. You can watch all of it here, also, avail yourself of his other works, they are tasty. And below, I give you MC Raiders, the end credits to Super Snacks.

W007! EPIC L3WtZ!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Memeorable - Memeand Costello

A classic with a new spin. First, the original by comedy duo Abbott & Costello from the film Naughty Ninety's (not what you think).

And the more accesable to a nerd like me, because I like baseball neither would I call myself a huge Abbott & Costello enthusiast: Who's The Tank? And if I have my stories correct, one of its creators is friends with my old room mate and spiritual guide Jubbles:

It has spawned a few parodies (lol, spawn could be a pun in that situation, im so funny) but none of them are as inspired as this one. GJ NUBS!

Tired R4n7

State of The H47 time kids.

My show Treasure Island got canceled due to scheduling conflicts. Don't ever believe that you don't need actors do do a show . . . unless you have a couple months to re-write the show. That was a major bummer but I had been staring at that bullet from day one, I just couldn't "Neo" out of the way. First it wasn't getting approved, so I ended up waiting till AFTER spring semester had ended to do auditions, THEN not being a student/other local theatre/the film pulled about a dozen actors from my potential pool, after that it still took two whole months to get a full approval. Once we were green light he had no idea where some of our designers were as well as losing a few to not being students anymore. And finally, couldn't get enough actors to do the show as written with not enough time to overhaul the script.*

My work only had two employees for a good two weeks so I have been working 9 day weeks. Thankfully we finally hired some new guys but training takes a solid two weeks under good conditions AND our boss lady decides to take a week off. So me and "not new guy anymore" get to play shop keep until the end of the week. We are running low on paper towels, small change and Mt. Dew, things are getting dire and it's only Tuesday.

My lovely fiance has been ASM with a local stage company and she loves her some cast parties. And me, being a paranoid/concerned other half would rather be with her at every cast function in order to; reap the benefits of an inebriated S.O., be designated driver, provide buzz killing services, than be at home resting after full days of work staying out til 3 A.M. Then having to open at 10, with a 45 minute commute, plus I'm slow as molasses when it comes to my morning rituals.

*looks up* Wow, wasn't that a glorious bitchfest? Want more? Well shut your damn dirty mouth, you're getting more.
My mother killed her car, because for some reason the women in my family treat cars like . . . something thats gonna last for a while but as soon as it breaks down they just buy another one thats old and busted but cheap as hell (because its already old and busted) and continue to not maintain it. SO, instead of taking the 95 Explorer that is already where they live (2hours from me and not far enough) the Matriarchs decide I need to give up my van (which I've branded with the Horde symbol, given a name too and put over a thousand dollars into over the last 2ish years). The breakdown goes, my mom gets grandmas newer 07ish subaru impreza (too much power for my mom to be responsible with), my grandma gets my van(which she has killed the battery on in less than two days because she doesn't know what the "radio only" setting is below the off position where the ignition is), and I get the decade and a half old behemoth which is dirty as a Boy Scout camp out on a dusty road, has spiders living in it (they respin the web at night and I have to clean them when I leave for work in the morning. it's a little game we play), with dog snot on the back windows, rotting banana peels on the floorboard and jumbo size granny panty pads in the armrest cubby. Yeah, tastes good in your brain doesn't it?

Anyway. To make up for this I'm throwing up TWO Meme-orables this week. A lot of WoW, but it's cross cultural so should be entertaining even if your not a BlizzDrone

*oh yeah, somebody died too. Nobody ON the show, but I still like to mention that fun fact.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Memeorable - Meme is a Terrible Thing to Waste

Back when I lived in The Geek Commune with my buddy Jubbles he would find random things on the internet, force me to watch them, and on occasion, they were amusing. One of them was The Torn Mime and Jubbles showed him to me early after we all moved in together.

There is a full version HERE . . . BUT BEFORE YOU LOOK THERE! . . .

After a year or so we looked him up again for some cheering up and found something amazing.

Note: if you see the names David Armand or Johann Lippowitz, don't worry, it's the same guy, see?

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

3rd 4 t3h Nrrd: Aug. '10

This month we take a look at a constant hand in the west coast Nerdcore scene, Ultraklystron or Karl Olson. Ultra is not only a consummate contributor of his own musical styleings he has been known to contribute to other artists endeavors.

I dig this cat. He has a very quintessential "nerd" look, but he moves forward, a true Nerdcore Playa, being himself and living his art. His rhythms are clean and articulate with a sound that can become identifiable.

Although he may not be the most well versed in vocal variation (we all know, I'm a stickler for this) he can throw down raps fast and keep a beat quick as any other rapper I've ever heard while still being decipherable, which counts for mad points. After you finish reading this, hit up his myspace page (as linked above) or the bandcamp page (same) and put some Ultraklystron in your earhole!

True Player

I think about a year back or so, I was watching Inside The Actors Studio and I caught the episode with Jamie Foxx. There was a small interplay between Lipton and Foxx that has stayed with me ever since and been my go to definition for a slang term I use.
Playa, or Player. I have used this term to describe others who I feel exemplify the term and secretly hope that others consider me worthy of the title.
Watch from 30 seconds in till 2 minutes in, roughly OR, watch it until he starts crossing his eyes,

OR OR, watch the whole thing from part one as his story REALLY resonates with me. Not coming from the poorest of poor, but not coming from well off, having a VERY strong Grandmother figure in my life and trying to find what you're SUPPOSED to be doing while you find other things to do in the mean time, and hopefully, for me, be successful at them all.